Wind down in winter

Winter is the time to move inward and take stock of how well we are nurturing ourselves.

Life becomes so busy it is often hard to find the time to be still. My indigenous friend often reminds me that we in the West rarely sit and “listen” to nature, to our inner voice, to our breath. After all, what’s the rush?

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Meditate in May (in Manly!)

Don't miss David Burgess's renowned meditation in training - offered face-to-face this May

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A chocolate meditation

Chocolate should be savoured – and it is with this fabulous mindfulness practice that Astrid Pickup has adapted from the raisin meditation that Theresa Jamieson wrote about in her book: The complete book of yoga and meditation for pregnancy.

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Sign up for seniors!

The first time I taught a Seniors Yoga class I was a bit daunted. It was at a retirement village with eight women (plus a token man) who ranged in age from early 60s to late 80s.

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The Magic of Meditation

Numerous studies have revealed that meditation can improve your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Now the IYTA is able to offer an online course developed by David Burgess on Meditation and Pranayama. Read more about the magic of meditation...

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From Aums to ZZZs - How yoga can help improve your sleep

Do you wake up feeling refreshed and energised? Or are you more likely to want to pull the covers over your face and fall back to sleep? Sadly in today’s fast paced world many of us are not getting enough good quality sleep...

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In Tune with our Chakras - Glynis Whitfield

Discover why and how the Chakras are the databanks of our lives in this wonderful workshop led by Glynis Whitfield. Here Glynis gives us an insight into tuning into our chakras...

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Learning to Love Yourself

We're often giving to others at the expense of ourselves. But to be able to replenish our own energy we should first practice self-love.

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Sussing out Super (for yoga teachers)

Choosing between funds and working out super can be confusing at the best of times. So we sat down with Accountant, Amanda Rogers and Financial Advisor, Stephen Buhlman of WLM Financial Services to get the low down on what you need to know…

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One of the best yoga teaching courses in the world

That’s the opinion of Queensland-based Robyn Jarram - a correspondence student on the IYTA’s International Diploma of Yoga Teaching. She’s so committed she travels to Sydney most months to attend lectures face-to-face.

Here she tells us what led her to yoga, why she loves the course and how her life is about to change!

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The rise of Seniors Yoga

Want to stay ahead of the yoga crowd? Then discover all you can about catering to the older student – with the IYTA’s newest training!

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Reboot, recharge and reconnect at our IYTA Annual Retreat

Reboot, recharge and reconnect at IYTA’s annual retreat with Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and Wellness Strategist, Robyn Lynch - who will explain how Ayurveda and self-love can reset your life


Seven tips for a successful yoga workshop

When yoga teacher, Katrina was asked to run a day-long somatic yoga session for the IYTA, she wasn’t sure where to start, but then it all began to fall into place…

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Australian Yoga Ball 2018 - In Photos

A fabulous evening was had at the 2018 Australian Yoga Ball! We've captured some of the fun...

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Yoga for people who have a life!

Bored with the usual cliched yoga titles, David Burgess decided to shake things up a and has named his upcoming two-day IYTA workshop: Yoga for people who have a life!
So why has he opted for this intriguing name? What will be covered and is it aimed at all of us? (as presumably most of us like to think we have a life). I asked David these questions and more...

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Reviewing our Diploma of Yoga Teaching Residential

Carrying mats, bolsters and suitcases around thirty students of the IYTA’s Diploma of Yoga Teaching arrived in Collaroy on Sydney’s Northern Beaches on 25 May for their five-day residential.

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Bring on Yin!

Yin Yoga is riding the crest of a popularity surge – as more yogis discover the joy of exploring asanas on a deeper level, slowing down and settling into their bodies.

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Book review: The Self-Care Revolution by Suzy Reading

The importance of self care - a book review and Q&A
The self-care revolution - Author: Suzy Reading
Review by Katie Brown

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Discover Dru

Enjoy a day of Dru with Mary-Louise Parkinson and help rebalance your body, connect with nature and restore your energy.

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The soothing effect of Somatic Yoga

Yogi Katrina Hinton tells the IYTA eNews why she loves Somatic Yoga and how it can help you find ease and comfort in your life. Plus don’t miss her one day ACT workshop...

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Why I Eat Dinner for Breakfast

Debbie started eating her dinner for breakfast after her friend and fellow yogi Suzanne Ellis suggested it. It's been six months now and Debbie's a convert - so could you eat your dinner for breakfast?

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Yoga - to touch or not?

As teachers, we need to consider all the different ways a student will best be able to achieve a pose that suits their abilities and learning pathways.

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How yoga changed me

Discovering the IYTA’s Foundation Yoga Studies course has helped steer Gary on a new life direction

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The language of yoga

Have you ever noticed the words you use when teaching a yoga class? Astrid McCormick did and discovered the subtle power of how language (and silence) can evoke a far more yogic experience for her students...

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Yoga through the years

It was a 40th with a difference for Ann Vermeulen when she celebrated her 40 year anniversary of teaching yoga.

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Saluting Satyaprem

Since completing her yoga training more than 20 years ago Satyaprem Gibson has been one of the IYTA’s staunchest supporters and helpers. And to honour her devotion to the organisation, she has been given a lifelong membership of the IYTA. Now this peace angel is ready to stretch her wings…

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IYTA - From a Whisper to a Roar

Discover the beginnings of the IYTA and how it has grown to the vibrant organisation it is today with this fabulous documentary by the IYTA’s Ian Stewart. Thanks too to Jo Blackman for all her hard work researching and helping to create the video. A lot of hours went into the editing process and the final film runs for 32 minutes. Enjoy!

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Farewell and thank you, Mary-Louise Parkinson

On behalf of the Committee of Management and the members of IYTA, I would like to honour the amazing and tireless work of Mary-Louise Parkinson as our President from 2013 to 2017...

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A beautiful experience – with Toni Childs

Having grown up listening to Toni Childs, I was so excited to get a chance to hear her sing live at the IYTA Conference (50 Year Anniversary Celebration).

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What Makes Yoga, Yoga?

Direct from the IYTA 2017 Conference, Donna Farhi shares her thoughts on what is yoga and sends a significant message at this point of time in the evolution and revolution of yoga in the West at present.

Thanks to our fantastic IYTA cameraman, Ian Stewart for editing Donna’s keynote address at the recent IYTA 50th conference.

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Yin - with a twist

At the end of the first day of the conference, what better way to unwind than to attend Sarah Manning’s Yin Qi Gong fusion class…

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The importance of insurance for yoga teachers

Yoga is about reducing stress not creating it – which is why having a good insurance policy is vital for yoga teachers. Click here for our amazing exclusive offer with AJ Gallagher - and what you need to know about insurance.

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What every yoga teacher should know about Facebook

Gone are the days when we just posted flyers on noticeboards to advertise classes. Now it's all about posting online. Katie Haire is the IYTA’s Social Media and Advertising Manager, here are her top five tips for using Facebook as a yoga teacher.

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Salute to Wendy Batchelor

After nearly four decades' dedication to the IYTA, Wendy Batchelor is stepping aside to pursue other spiritual and life goals. We wish her well and honour her contribution to our Association.

For many IYTA graduates, Wendy Batchelor holds a special place in our hearts and on our own yoga journeys.

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Wrap up of International Yoga Day 2017 at KGV

eNews Editor chatted to three IYTA members who attended a morning of events to mark International Yoga Day at the KGV Recreation Centre in Sydney on 21 June.
The event, which was attended by a number of refugees – as part of Refugee Week, was organised by YogaHive and sponsored by IYTA, City of Sydney and Yoga for Nature. The activities included a yoga class, talks and a world food market.

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Eyes Wide Open

Nancy was one of my regular students. Other than gardening, yoga was Nancy’s weekly, not-to-miss activity. An older student, Nancy had some previous problems with shortness of breath and also hearing. For this reason she always sat at the front of the room, so she could keep an eye on me, but more importantly so I could keep an eye on her...

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Fermenting for health and longevity

Before the advent of refrigeration, culturing foods was a useful preservation method and many believed that these foods promoted health and longevity.

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My Yoga Journey – Marion (Mugs) McConnell

"I don’t think of myself as having found yoga, I think the yoga path found me. And the IYTA has been a huge, huge part of my journey – always inspiring and supporting me as a teacher."

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Roma Blair

Roma Blair is the founder of IYTA, also known as Swami Nirmalananda. She celebrated her 90th birthday on 28th July 2013 and passed on the 5th of November 2013 in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast where her light shines brightly.

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Yoga poses for Menopause

There are many asanas and pranayamas which will benefit menopausal women, here is a selection known to help...

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