POSTPONED - Achieving Mind and Body Harmony through Yoga and Sleep

CPD Points: 12

When: 9:30am - 4:30pm, Saturday, 8 Aug 2020 - Sunday, 9 Aug 2020

Where: Mackillop House & Conference Centre, 50 Archibald Street, Lyneham ACT 2602

IYTA Member EARLY BIRD: $260 - available until 08-Jun-2020
IYTA Member Price: $295 / Non-member: $320
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IYTA is sad to inform you that due COVID-19 we are unable to proceed with the Yoga and Sleep Workshop with Jennie Blevins. We hope to hold this workshop at a later date when things return to normal.

Dr Carmel Harrinton uses the latest evidence-based research to explain clearly & simply why regular good quality sleep is crucial for all aspects of our health-not just so that we feel less tired and function better during the day, but so that our risks of long-term cardiovascular disease, cognitive function impairment, mental illness & diabetes are reduced. Workshop participants are also guided in analysing their sleep patterns and identifying their personal sleep stealers. She also provides science-based resources and tools for you to use with your students and clients.

The yoga techniques Jennie Blevins uses in the workshop are designed to support our sleep/wake cycle. As well as relaxing, PNS-stimulating practices for use before sleep or for periods during the night when sleep is elusive, participants are also guided in energising practices for coping on the days when we may not have had the sleep we needed the previous night. Asanas, pranayama and relaxation and meditation techniques will be included.

The sleep sessions will cover:

  • Sleep basics - what is sleep? How much do I need?
  • The impact of poor sleep on our health and performance
  • Understanding insomnia
  • Practical, personal science-based resources for analysing & improving your sleep.

The yoga sessions will include:

  • Specific yoga asanas & pranayama for PNS-activation to reduce anxiety
  • Yoga to support the sleep/wake cycle - when and how to use both energising and calming practices
  • Breathing techniques to prepare for sleep
  • Yoga psychology & meditation to address anxiety about sleep
  • A delicious Yoga Nidra each day

This type of workshop is long overdue and there is nothing available currently that offers this effective combination of scientific, evidence-based information about sleep with yoga-based practices. And no other workshop has facilitators working together on yoga and sleep with so much experience in their respective fields.

Sleep is in the media more & more now, and many people think they know what they need to do to improve their sleep-no devices before bed, no caffeine, etc, etc, ….but the problem is that most of us don’t prioritise our sleep and so we don’t put that knowledge into practice. And the terrible fact is that almost half of Australians do not get the sleep they need & want. This has dire personal, social & economic consequences. Carmel & Jennie are passionate about how important sleep is & how yoga is one of the best ways to improve sleep.


Dr Carmel Harrington is the Founding Director of Sleep for Health author of the best-selling “The Complete Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep” & “The Sleep Diet”, and is a leading international sleep research scientist and therapist and regular media commentator on sleep.

Jennie Blevins, the Director of Goulburn Yoga in the Southern Tablelands of NSW has over 30 years’ experience of yoga teaching, conducting yoga & meditation retreats and mentoring new yoga teachers through the IYTA.


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